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Book Review: Love at First Plight by Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell

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Love at First Plight by Amanda Giasson and Julie B. CampbellThe Book

Title:Love at First Plight

Authors: Amanda Giasson & Julie B. Campbell

Series: Perspective

Next book in series: Second Wind

First published: February 19, 2015

Formats: print, ebook

Format I read: ebook (second edition)

The Gist

Love at First Plight is the first book of the young adult/new adult fantasy fiction series called Perspective. It’s set on another world called Qarradune, where there are at least a couple of countries we get to know – Kavylak and Syliza.  Throughout the book, we follow the two main characters, Megan Wynters and Irys Godeleva.  Megan’s an 18 year old from Earth who has absolutely no idea why or how she landed on Qarradune.  Irys is the same age (I think) and was raised in extreme privilege in Syliza, which is a country that gave me the impression of being like a cooler and more mystical version of Victorian England.  Syliza…

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Authors mix beauty, horror

Give Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell a chance and they’ll draw you into a world of intrigue.

Source: Authors mix beauty, horror

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Don’t stand still – Create!

I am – without a doubt – my own worst critic. I can go from thinking that what I have written is golden, to doubting its quality and ripping it to shreds in seconds. Not feeling like you are good enough, or that you are original enough, or that you are skilled enough, or that you are fast enough, etc., etc. is a poison that will ultimately prevent you from reaching any of your goals. You’ll turn what you love to do into a chore and start to fear failure. Eventually, you stop trying and you stand still.



If anyone else can relate to what I’m talking about, you know what it’s like to hate yourself for standing still, but continue to stay where you are because you fear failing. I have one piece of advice for you – tell your brain to shut up!  We allow our minds to take over and tell us we are wrong and not good enough, when we should be listening to our instincts and stop holding ourselves back.

One of the best things about writing a book with another writer is that you start to realize you DO have your own unique writing style, and that this is a GOOD thing 🙂 Julie has not only helped me to improve my writing skills over the years, by editing my work, increasing my vocabulary by introducing me to new words, and providing me with a few helpful tips, she has also helped me to realize that my style of writing is MY own. In fact, we don’t really write anything alike, which you will likely notice as you read our different posts.

A long time ago, way back in university, I once believed that her writing style was better than mine. Now I can happily tell you that I was wrong. Her style wasn’t better, it was different – it was hers.

So, what’s the point to this giant ramble? It’s to let you know that in my experience, writing skills can always be improved, but your creative style is a part of you. No one can teach it to you, you have to learn what it is for yourself. Don’t criticize or compare your creativity to someone else’s. Let it evolve and let others enjoy it.

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